Our Challenges

Designed for Health Challenges are meant to allow you to learn more about certain topics in small bites while inspiring real-life changes in a fun, community centered way! 

Blood sugar dysregulation is the root cause of most chronic diseases and is easily reversible.  Let’s regulate it and shed some unwanted weight as a side benefit!

6 week challenge

When there are parasites, yeast, and bacterial overgrowths in the gut, they can contribute to a host of symptoms – join us to thoroughly eradicate and heal the gut so you can feel your best!

16 week challenge

Did you know that dehydration is one of the most common health issues?  This cheap and easy challenge will make everything run better!

2 week challenge

All disease begins in the gut, right?  Let’s make sure that you are getting digestion started properly so that all that quality food gets where it should go!

3 week challenge


Coffee Enema challenge

This ancient technique of detoxification is amazing for so many areas of health and it’s cheap and safe!  We’re going to get over the “weird” factor and harness it’s healing for ourselves!

3 week challenge


Big Rocks Challenge

Ever feel like you can’t get everything done?  Are the things you really want to do always pushed off for tomorrow?  We’re going to re-prioritize and make the important things come first!

2 week challenge


Meal Planning challenge

Do you hate that feeling at 4pm when you realize you have no plans for dinner?  We’re going to go through creating a personalized meal plan strategy that you are excited about in baby steps so that you can plan for success!

2 week challenge

Reset Your Clock Challenge

Are you a night owl that just can’t get up on your own in the mornings?  Or perhaps you droop in the late afternoons?  Here are some great techniques to reset your circadian rhythm so you can feel your best all the time!

3 week challenge

Restock Your Pantry Challenge

Join us as we strategize what to store, how to store it and how to organize it all.  We’ll have baby steps to help you customize everything to your specific situation!

2 week challenge

Detox Your Toiletries challenge

Have you realized how many toxins are in your personal care items but don’t want to spend a fortune buying the healthy stuff?  Join me as we step by step go through easy, DIY solutions to improve your health!

4 week challenge


Intermittent Fasting Challenge

Would you like to try Intermittent Fasting but still have some questions?  We’ll go through who it is good for, why it is good and the many ways to do it!

4 week challenge

Bone Broth Challenge

Have you heard how great bone broth is but are overwhelmed by the actual process?  We’ll help you get over the hump as well as give you tons of ways to get it into your diet and lifestyle!

3 week challenge

Fermentation challenge

Fermented foods are awesome for the gut, right?  But are you getting the full benefits of them by eating them regularly?  We’ll go through making your own ferments, choosing store bought ones and getting it into the routine so you can really benefit from them!

4 week challenge

Sleep Challenge

Sleep is the cheapest and easiest way to detox and boost your health – but most of us skimp on this important area!  We’ll dive into ways to improve your sleep and ensure you’re getting the rejuvenating sleep your body needs!

3 week challenge


Detox Your Cleaning Products Challenge

Maybe you know the harsh chemicals are bad, but what else can you do?  We’ll dive into healthy and cheap alternatives to take stress off your liver and keep your house safe!

4 week challenge

Offal challenge

You’ve probably heard how organ meats are so good for you, but why are they good for you and how in the world do you prepare them?  We’ll dive into some beginner strategies to help you benefit from these power packed foods!

3 week challenge


Grow Your Microbiome Challenge