Conquering Cancer

This is a package is designed to support cancer clients through their journey to vibrant health!

Don't Let Cancer Cut your life short!

When dealing with cancer, it is imperative to look at the entire body to determine why the cancer was allowed to proliferate as well as addressing the cancer itself.  It is not JUST about the size of the tumor and getting that gone – that is only one part of the equation.  

 There are many imbalances that are known to be associated with cancer such as thyroid health, vitamin D levels, gut health, methylation capacity, iodine levels, hormone balance, toxins, and more.  We will address ALL of these so that your body is optimized and able to fight cancer itself.  

We don’t cure cancer – we support your body to do that itself!

The RGCC Onconomics Extracts test (aka the Greece Test) is an amazing tool to discover what will be most effective against the cancer that is specifically in YOUR body.  Your blood will be mailed to the lab in Greece and the cancer cells taken out of it (yes, there are cancer cells circulating in the blood even if you have had surgery).  

Then they culture these cancer cells and test them against over 40 different known natural substances that fight cancer – things like vitamin C, salvestrol, wormwood, genistein, and many more.  We will then develop a targeted protocol using these substances alongside high dose pancreatic enzymes to address the cancer in you.

Pancreatic enzymes when you eat are used to ensure you fully digest your food.  However, when they are on an empty stomach, they go throughout the body to clean up and this includes cancer cells.  They can even eat through the shell of encapsulated cancers – which is why we need to include high doses of these with the Greece test substances.  The pancreatic enzymes allow them to penetrate into the cancer and do their job.

We will assist you in finding a facility to do the Greece test as close as possible to you as well as interpreting the results and creating a custom protocol for you based on your results.

Using the Greece test allows us to test, not guess as to what will be effective in YOUR body.  There are so many amazing natural substances that are effective against cancer.  The question is, what will work in YOUR body?  

This process is not easy.  We will give you all the tools and customized protocols to succeed, but ultimately YOU have to do the hard work of implementation.  It will include sacrifices and hard work but in the end you will be healthier than before you started and have many years ahead of you to enjoy with your loved ones!

This is the ultimate package for those that want to go a different route to address their cancer.  We will support you through the entire process physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Step outside the box with us right along side to help you every step of the way!

This package also includes working privately with me for a year through zoom, phone calls, and emails.  If your case proves to be more complicated, I will be doing extra digging to find what will help you break through.  I will promise that I will do everything that I can to support you towards your goals.  Ultimately, you will be doing the hard work of implementation but I will be walking with you.  Know that when I accept a new client, I am all in and will be there with you every step of the way!

Grow Old Together

Don’t let cancer rob you of your life together with your spouse and loved ones!  

What is included?

  • Analysis your history, symptoms and food journals 
  • Analysis of RGCC Onconomics Extracts test (not included) results and custom protocol based on your results
  • Comprehensive blood panel 
  • DUTCH adrenal and sex hormone panel 
  • Keto Mojo blood sugar monitor
  • Keto diet customized to your needs
  • Keto Cookbook with video tutorials
  • Comprehensive stool panel
  • MRT food sensitivity test 
  • Personalized gut healing and eradication protocol based on your test results
  • Organic acids test 
  • Toxins test 
  • Mold test
  • Metals test
  • Glyphosate test
  • Personalized cancer detoxification protocol
  • Genetic test
  • Interpretation of all test results 
  • Diet, lifestyle choices and supplementation recommendations based on all the tests in conjunction with each other
  • 1 year of private consults direct with Katrina – zoom, phone and email
  • Designed for Health membership – including: Optimizing Digestion course, Balancing Blood Sugar course, Deeper Detox course, and You Are What You Eat course
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My Cancer Story

Working with clients with cancer is a passion of mine because I know what they are going through- I’ve been there.  I had breast cancer and and addressed it 100% naturally using the methodical approach that I am outlining here for you (plus or minus the unusual detours).  I understand what you are going through and I want to support you through it!