Optimizing Digestion

Katrina · September 12, 2020


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    1. Thanks so much for sharing Kathleen! There’s actually a button to email people directly from your Courses page – just hit the “Email Invites” button. Glad you’re liking it 🙂

  1. I’m having a hard time understanding the Gall Bladder lesson. No surprise. So tiny yet so important. If you are having a gall bladder problem as in not processing fats properly or not getting enough would that be the reasoning behind the spike in the fatty acids on my report? Or is this something else completely?

    1. Yes! You are actually getting it more than you think 🙂 So if you are not digesting your fats (gall bladder problem) then even if you eat tons of essential fatty acids, you will not necessarily digest them and be able to use them. So the problem with the gall bladder would probably cause the “liver/gall bladder” section of the Symptom Assessment Chart to be high and the “fatty acid” section would not only be assessing if you are eating/supplementing with essential fatty acids, but also how well you’re digesting them. Keep in mind that you may also be using them extra fast if you have a lot of inflammation somewhere in your body which would also cause this “fatty acid” level to be higher which is showing you need more. First off, I’d recommend getting more essential fatty acids (my fav is listed under the protocol by this name in the fullscript protocols) and then address the underlying reason you need them. That might be lots of inflammation, dysfunctional fat digestion, not enough essential fatty acids in the diet, etc. Great job fleshing this out!

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