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Welcome to a New Healthcare Model!

At Designed for Health, we allow you to enter into the driver’s seat of your health journey!  We have several options to allow you to choose how you want to dive in from DIY to VIP and everything in between.  Our goal is to empower you to make educated health choices in your life so that you can find your optimal health!

Case Studies From Transformed Lives

You can watch me talk through some real life cases and see how functional nutritional therapy works!

She wanted to get pregnant with some simple work, we found the root issue of her infertility – Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which had been overlooked by her fertility specialist MD.

All she wanted was less diarrhea, but she also found the key to lifelong weight issues and lost over 60 lbs!

After having surgery, she wanted to address the WHY behind her breast cancer and avoid chemo and radiation.  Here’s what we did…

A great example of a more complicated case and how digging deeper can allow the body to heal at different levels.

Even with just a little work, big changes can be made and surgeries avoided!

She came to me to try and have one more child before menopause and ended up with a lot more than that!

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