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Cancer is not a game of chance....

Learn what caused your cancer so that you can prevent a recurrence!

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What is Functional Nutritional Therapy?

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I’m Katrina Foe, Functional Nutritional Therapist and  Pilates Teacher Trainer.  

My team and I work with clients all over the world to help them unravel their chronic health struggles.  Our passion is to use food as medicine and lifestyle choices as tools to turn around debilitating conditions.  We integrate cutting edge lab tests to allow us to see what is really going on and get to the root of the issue. 

With this unique approach, you too can have access to these powerful tools to make the progress you never thought possible on your own health journey!


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Katrina has helped me find what was causing my hot flashes, lack of energy, blemishes and extra weight, but didn't overwhelm me with the information or steps I needed to take in order to heal. Her knowledge, drive and love for better health is obvious and so encouraging. God has really blessed me through her.
Susan Fleming
I'm so thankful for Katrina and her incredible knowledge! Before i felt pretty alone and aimless trying to figure out what was going on with my body. I've been to many doctors and come away disappointed. But now i feel confident and have a plan to heal! The difference is that katrina focuses on using nutrition to support and balance the bodies natural healing abilities. This gets to the root instead of just treating symptoms! She is so kind and encouraging, and always available to answer questions. I live that when i talk to her it's like talking to a friend who genuinely cares.
Andrea Smith
I noticed drastic differences in my energy level and mood within a week of beginning the supplement and nutritional protocol she recommended for me. She has gone above and beyond for me and my curious nature, and has encouraged my understanding of the interconnectedness of the human body. Katrina has treated me with respect and concern because she believes that my body has been created in the image of God and I am precious to him
April Borgelt

Cancer is not a game of chance....

Learn what caused your cancer so that you can prevent a recurrence!