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How I Addressed My Breast Cancer 100% Naturally

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Hear the whole story of how Katrina overcame breast cancer and other health obstacles naturally.

In 2015, I was nursing my fifth child when I found a large, golf ball-sized lump. I had mastitis then, so I was not very concerned because I thought it was just part of the nursing process.

However, when the mastitis resolved, and the lump was still there, my curiosity was piqued. It turned out it was the dreaded “C” word. 

I had to decide how to handle it, but I had questions. 

How in the world did this happen to me? 

I was thirty-eight, and I felt fine. Our family had been aggressively working on our health and made significant progress. We had moved to the country to raise our own grass-finished meat. We had gotten processed food out of our lives and were doing intensive work on our guts. 

I was scared, and I felt very alone. 

I had always thought I would get heart disease because three out of four of my grandparents had died of it. However, I didn’t know that my grandmother had breast cancer and my dad had prostate cancer twice. This was not discussed in my family, bizarrely enough. So I wondered if there was anything wrong with my diet and lifestyle. I decided to clean the slate of everything I thought I knew and dive into discovering what was helpful for cancer prevention and remission. I needed to reexamine everything I was doing and eating because, clearly, something wasn’t working. 

It is a very confusing world out there when you’re trying to research because you can find someone to say whatever you want to hear.

It’s almost impossible to know who to trust. 

I started my journey by going to Mexico to a Gerson cancer clinic. I had read the clinic’s books but did not fully understand the why behind what they recommended, like removing salt from my diet, removing all fat (except for a tablespoon of flaxseed oil per day), and taking thyroid medication when they hadn’t even tested my thyroid numbers.

By the third day, the director of the facility sat me down and said, “You need to just trust in the process.” But I still had questions that weren’t answered. I replied, “This is my life we’re talking about, not just a beauty treatment.” He told me that if I couldn’t just trust the process, I needed to leave. 

Yes, I got kicked out of a cancer clinic.

This rocked my world. I’m curious by nature—I want to fully understand all the nuances of something. As a teacher, I always welcome questions because I know that the people who engage in the material naturally have questions as they dive in and implement what they learn. 

I was fascinated by the process in such an intense way because my life was at stake, and I would do everything I could to understand why this had happened to me.

I didn’t buy the standard answer that doctors usually give—that it “just happens.” So I called BS on that. 

At that time, everyone in the cancer world was talking about raw vegan diets, so my husband and I did a twenty-one-day juice fast. By the time it was over, we felt like we were going to eat each other, which I now know was because it had seriously messed up our blood sugar. 

I eventually healed my breast cancer naturally—I had no surgery, radiation, or chemo. But what I discovered along my journey was shocking and frustrating. 

I learned many symptoms point toward dysfunction, eventually leading to chronic disease. 

If you don’t address these symptoms, you’ll end up with big, bad scary illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or dementia. But, on the other hand, if you do address them, not only will you avoid those huge potholes, but you’ll also feel better as a side benefit. 

I firmly believe there is no such thing as a hypochondriac; when someone is labeled this way, it’s just a matter of a practitioner who doesn’t have the answers. I’m fine not having all the answers—it challenges me to dig in deeper. Too many practitioners are complacent. Their training is outdated, and they don’t have the time to keep up with the current research. They don’t have the clinical experience to know that chronic disease is preventable and even reversible.

I don’t blame this on the practitioners, who are generally well-meaning, as much as the insurance companies that dictate how much time they get with a client and what they will cover. However, putting cancer in remission is hard work, and there isn’t a magic pill for it. 

To prevent and reverse disease, you’re going against the grain—not only of what your body is used to but also against what society says is acceptable.

The insurance industry doesn’t allow practitioners the time to do this hard work with their clients—they barely get fifteen minutes per person, so it’s much easier to give the client a pill and send them on their way.

But this doesn’t fix the problem; it’s simply a band-aid that will allow the real issue to fester until it creates a chronic disease.

I put my breast cancer into remission entirely through holistic strategies.

I manipulated my diet, healed my gut, detoxified my body, and ensured my physiology was set up to thrive. 

I refused to accept my diagnosis as my fate and chose the path less trodden, and I’m glad I did. Not only did it save my life, but it allowed me to help others on their journey to a cancer-free life. 

You are not alone.

There is a better way to heal your body, and I’d love to show you how. 

Katrina Foe 

Katrina Foe is an educator, author, and international presenter. She is the founder of Designed For Health and Nutritional Pilates. After addressing her own cancer 100% naturally and specializing in integrative oncology, she empowers women to take control of their health and understand how to support their bodies to prevent and reverse disease and enjoy their life cancer-free. She is a Metabolic Approach To Cancer Practitioner certified under Dr. Nasha Winters and continues her education with extensive reading, lectures, and courses. 

She is a board-certified holistic nutritionist, a 2nd generation Pilates Master Teacher and the author of Nutritional Pilates; Relieve Joint Pain, Lose Unwanted Weight, and Prevent Chronic Disease to Become Your Most Vibrant Self! 

In early 2020, RWS invited Katrina to join their instructor team, training other practitioners to interpret functional labs and create custom protocols.  Katrina also presents nationally at conferences both online and in person.  When she’s not helping clients or keeping up with the latest on health, you can find her in rural Idaho with her husband and 7 children they homeschool while raising cows and chickens on their 15-acre farm. 

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