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Home Forums Ask Katrina “go to” protocol when feeling sick? Reply To: “go to” protocol when feeling sick?

  • Katrina

    January 8, 2021 at 11:28 am

    Oooh, great question and very timely!

    So my answer is a little outside the box. For me and my family, when we first feel the beginnings of anything, we do coffee enemas and any other detox practices. By taking any stress possible off the body (and toxic stress is always a HUGE stress), it frees the body up to do its best immune work possible.

    This would be along the same lines that we proactively do detox work all the time to prevent getting sick. We also focus on nutrient-dense diets, avoiding sugar (this knocks the immune system out for at least 24 hours every time you eat it!), and keeping up on our daily supplements.

    We have been needing a LOT less since we switched to this strategy instead of symptom treating and the usual things that people go for like vit C, zinc, elderberry, etc. If you keep your system functioning well, there isn’t panic to symptom treat when you get a cold.

    With that being said, if people do get a yucky cough, we give them raw manuka honey with herbs and onion infused in it. We’ll also do things like neti pots, coffee enemas, binders, essential oils to open airways, etc. All really again detox focused.