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  • Katrina

    January 21, 2021 at 1:57 pm

    I have heard of Karen Hurd’s Bean Diet but am not intimately familiar with it. The basic idea is to use the soluble fiber in beans to encourage bind to the toxins and escort the bile out. Very good idea. I think fiber is important for this reason as well as many others. The coffee enemas also help in a similar way to help escort out hormones. Binders are also good for assisting the liver in this way.

    Keep in mind that if there are other considerations going on with a person such as food sensitivities, blood sugar dysregulation (fiber is good for this but carbs would need to be watched), etc. then there may be other aspects that need to be considered with the diet. They seem to be down on fats and say they cause the fiber to not bind as well? Fats are super nourishing and foundational to a healthy diet so I’m not sold. Just my thoughts, again, I have not read her books or anything, these are just surface thoughts.

    Have you or someone you know tried it?