Lab Tests

Each of the packages below includes the cost of the labs listed as well as a brief interpretation of them and a set of customized recommendations based on your labs written by a Functional Nutritional Therapist.

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Intake Forms

If you are ordering any lab tests, we require that the following information be filled out prior to you receiving the results from your lab tests so that we can use this information to guide our recommendations.  If you have already completed this information with prior labs then you are all set to go!

Our Comprehensive blood panel bundles over 60 of the most helpful markers to look at overall health – a great place to start!


Robust overview panel that will give you amazing direction as to blocking factors in a variety of areas from dysbiosis to deficiencies to show you where you’re at and give you a plan to thrive!


Comprehensive stool panel to let you see how your digestion is doing as well as what critters may be lurking inside.  Beware, you may not want to know what’s in there! 
Use this in conjunction with the Sensitive Tummy lab.


The most comprehensive food sensitivity panel on the market so you can avoid those things that are irritating your gut temporarily while you heal it with our gut protocol.  Use this in conjunction with the Gut Health lab.


Menopausal female hormone and adrenal panel so you can minimize the hot flashes and bone loss!


Cycling female hormone and adrenal panel to help you find your balance so you can enjoy the entire month!


Male hormone and adrenal panel so you can feel your best and get your mojo back!


Unique adrenal and sex hormone test that gives additional information about hormone clearing pathways.


Analysis of 40 different species of mold and how they are affecting you so you can see if mold spores are destroying your health and how to address it!


Comprehensive analysis of over 170 environmental toxins – know what is affecting you so that you can stop the influx and detox properly!


Simple swab test to see what exactly makes you tick so that you can take control of your genes and optimize them with epigenetic choices!


A simple hair collection can give helpful insights into healthful and harmful metals that may be in your body.


Screen for how much of this toxic herbicide is in your system and how to stop it from destroying your health.


At home collection kit to evaluate the sperm and give great direction as to how to improve the babymaking process.


Complete thyroid panel for ongoing thyroid maintenance.  Start with the Overall Optimization package first though, this is for follow ups. 


This is a service charge for any clients that wish to have us interpret labs they already have.


This package is for couples that are either struggling with infertility or just want to optimize their baby’s health.  It includes a complete screening for all potential causes of infertility as well as personalized gut and detoxification protocols and fertility diets.  We’ll run lab work for both mom and dad and create protocols to optimize the fertility of both.   This package also includes a full year of private consults so you will have us with you every step of the way!

Let’s not just get pregnant,
let’s make the healthiest, smartest and most beautiful baby possible!

This package is designed to support cancer clients through the process of conquering cancer naturally.  It includes a full array of tests to ensure that their body is working optimally and that the detoxification systems are optimized.  Additionally, we will develop personalized protocols based on your labs, symptoms and history.  This package also includes a full year of private consults so you will have us with you every step of the way!

Let’s not just kick cancer to the curb,
let’s find your vibrant self again!

Additional Services

Private sessions to discuss the lab tests or other concerns may be booked for an additional fee.  We also highly recommend going through the Designed for Health membership courses alongside doing lab work to help you understand the big picture of the work you are doing and how to implement the recommendations.

What our clients say!

I was so grateful to find Katrina Foe! It was very nice to work with someone who saw me as a person with individual and specific needs, rather than just a line on a list to check off. Katrina took the time to hear the whole picture and put together a protocol carefully put together just for me. She was always available to answer my many questions! I was excited to see just how much improvement we made, even eradicating an issue that I had been chipping away at for many years. I highly recommend Katrina for your medical needs!
Misty Marr
Katrina Foe is God's gift to natural medicine. As I have worked with her I have seen how she truly cares about me as her patient and friend. I have health issues that are fickle and hard to tease out. Some doctors would have given up by now or just given me meds to make the symptoms go away, but not Katrina. She has a determination to see me healed so she has stuck with me in searching for the root of my issues. This is the first time in my life I have ever made progress with my health, as well as issues I did not even realize were related to my gut and diet! My E-coli has been completely eradicated and my stomach cancer threat completely avoided! I can't recommended trusting her with your health needs highly enough!
Madison Sloan
I noticed drastic differences in my energy level and mood within a week of beginning the supplement and nutritional protocol she recommended for me. She has gone above and beyond for me and my curious nature, and has encouraged my understanding of the interconnectedness of the human body. Katrina has treated me with respect and concern because she believes that my body has been created in the image of God and I am precious to Him.
April Borgelt